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The caffeine in Rush Gum is instantly absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth, allowing it to take effect in just 5 to 10 minutes. This makes it about 80% more efficient than coffee and energy drinks, which can take up to 45 minutes to kick in.


Without all of the sugar and unfamiliar additives typically found in energy foods and drinks, Rush Gum offers a non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free and even diabetic friendly alternative to such products, all without compromising taste or functionality.


Whereas beverages in cups and cans keep your hands busy, produce waste, and are susceptible to spilling, Rush Gum is small enough to fit in your back pocket, and eliminates these inconveniences so that the only thing you have to focus on is the task at hand.

Cost Effective

Just one pack of Rush Gum offers above 5 times the caffeine content you would find in a standard energy drink and 9 times the amount of a single cup of coffee, all without any of the negative side effects. Which means you get more bang for your buck.

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Both caffeine and L-theanine, as well as the simple act of chewing gum, have all been repeatedly shown to enhance both focus and cognition. So whether you’re in the library or the classroom, Rush Gum is an easy first step towards becoming the overachiever you always knew you could be.

Rush Gum contains no sugar or harmful additives, meaning you will never have to sacrifice your health for performance again.

Rush gum is fast acting and crash free, meaning that you’ll be wide awake well before you even set foot in the office, and stay energized until your day is done.

Whether you’re driving for miles on end in a hot car, or flying 30,000 feet in the air, Rush Gum is sure to taste just as great no matter what conditions you may find yourself in.

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Our Team

Our Founding Team

Ambitious co-founder of Rush. Ivey Business School Candidate 2018. Entrepreneur. Sports enthusiast.


Enthusiastic Co-founder of Rush. Studies biological sciences at McMaster University. Enjoys staying active, and loves a good challenge.


See what our Co-Founder, James Kazimowicz, has to say about Rush Gum.

The Origin of RUSH

What are you passionate about?

What are your goals and aspirations for yourself?

How do you stay motivated on your path to achieving them?

These are the questions that we set out to answer upon starting Rush Co. As two busy students trying to balance academics, athletics, and countless other commitments, we would sometimes find it difficult to stay at the top of our game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to improve our chances of success in any way that we could, we would often consume coffee and energy drinks as a source of caffeine. Caffeine has been shown through study after study to improve memory and cognitive function, while decreasing fatigue.

Although it is no secret that the caffeine inside of coffee, energy drinks, and other products help millions of people around the world meet their busy day to day schedules, we quickly noticed many inconveniences with these foods and beverages. For starters, coffee only tastes good warm, while energy drinks only taste good when they’re cold, and both leave you with an awful aftertaste. But beyond the bad taste, these beverages were inconvenient to carry around, would spill all over ourselves and our work, and worst of all, always left us with a brutal crash a few hours later.

One night, while studying for a biology exam, I experienced this crash like never before. It had been hours since I finished my energy drink and the shops had closed up, so I began to desperately search my bag for anything that could help me stay awake. I was quickly discouraged when all that I could find was a piece of gum, but then I recalled learning in psychology class that the simple act of chewing has been shown to help improve alertness and focus, so I did exactly that. Come morning, I was still chewing that same piece of gum on my way to grab a cup of coffee to refuel when it hit me - Caffeinated energy gum. Despite my partner’s initial hesitation, we quickly began our research on the caffeine industry, and were surprised to find that none of the energy products available on the market offered exactly what we were looking for. The two of us saw this as an opportunity to provide ourselves, and others, with a new way to do more of what we love, without sacrificing our health, or our taste buds. Before we had even finalized our first formula, everything that we would need to create our very own all-natural, sugar-free energy gum was ordered online and on its way to our house. In the meantime, we took the liberty of transforming our basement into a state-of-the-art energy gum development center where we could begin our work.

After several months of trials, and a surprising amount of help from the industry professionals that we managed to get in touch with, we had finally developed a fully functional prototype that not only helped us to stay focused and alert, but tasted great, kept us healthy, and lasted for hours on end. As our close family and friends began relying on our prototypes to help them tackle their daily meetings, exams, and athletics, we soon realized that we weren’t just providing them with an extra boost of energy, we were providing them with motivation. With Rush Gum, we could now tackle our daily engagements with the confidence of knowing that we were doing so at our best and brightest.

We founded Rush so that we could share this motivational effect with the world. No matter who you are, or what you do, everyone could use that little extra push every now and then. By encapsulating the same amount of caffeine that you would find in a standard cup of coffee into a tiny piece of sugar-free gum, and combining it with the crash-neutralizing effects of L- theanine, Rush provides the focus and energy you need to succeed, without the dreaded crash. What’s more, it’s convenient, tastes great, and takes effect in a fraction of the time that any energy food or beverage does.

With Rush gum, gain the focus, energy, and confidence that you need to achieve the impossible. With Rush Gum, do more.

The Top 5 Reasons Why We Say NO to Sugar

Deciding whether or not to include sugar in Rush Gum was an easy decision for our founding team. Although sugar adds that sweet, familiar taste to so many foods and beverages we know and love, it comes at a greater cost to your health than most people realize. While researching and compiling the natural ingredients that would make rush gum the perfect source of lasting energy, we chose to leave sugar off the list due to its impacts on your health, it’s addictive qualities, and the crash it leaves you with just a few hours after consumption. Despite this decision being an easy one for us, we still get asked about it all the time. So, here are the top 5 reasons why we chose to make Rush Gum sugar-free.

Tooth Decay

As we all know, sugar loves to stick to your teeth. And as it does, it destroys tooth enamel while promoting decay better than any other food substance. On top of that, it provides a great source of energy for all types of harmful bacteria that live in your mouth and further damage your teeth. Amidst all the adverse effects sugar can have on your body, it’s easy to forget just how bad it can be for your pearly whites. More Serious Health Effects Sugar is known to cause a drastic spike and plummet in your blood glucose levels. In the long run, this rapid fluctuation in blood glucose can lead to mood swings, headaches, and fatigue. As countless studies suggest, regular consumption of large amounts of sugar can even lead to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. As more and more studies come out revealing the true detriments that sugar has on our bodies, it is definitely something that should be avoided by anyone who wishes to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


As is the case with many highly-addictive drugs, sugar causes the reward center of the brain to release dopamine upon consumption. This can lead to addictive tendencies which cloud your judgment, as well as withdrawal symptoms and cravings in the event of a detox. We chose to make our product sugar-free so that you can stay focused on the real reasons that you chew Rush.

Hormonal Imbalance

As your blood glucose fluctuates over time as a result of frequent sugar consumption, it reaches drastic peaks and valleys. Following a meal that is high in sugar, it peaks before dropping to a point so low that your body calls upon the help of hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine, and cortisol, which can also make you feel anxious and stressed, further distracting you from the task at hand.

The Crash

The primary reason that we chose to exclude sugar from our product, is the awful crash that it leaves you with just a few hours after consumption. The hormones released in the event of abnormally low glucose levels cannot fully combat the effects it has on the way you feel, and thus after a quick burst of energy, sugar leaves your body and mind completely fatigued. We were shocked to find out just how much sugar can be found in so many popular energy foods and drinks, as its presence completely contradicts the purpose of these products in the first place. For these reasons, and many more, we instantly decided to exclude sugar from Rush Gum upon starting our research. On top of all of these adverse effects, sugar adds absolutely no nutritional value what so ever, and thus falls into the category of ‘empty calories.’ We chose instead to primarily sweeten Rush Gum with all-natural xylitol, which on the contrary has been shown to actually reduce tooth decay, and promote the remineralization of enamel. When putting together our formula, we made it our duty to ensure that every ingredient is nothing but beneficial to your health, and for that reason, sugar had to go.

When Life’s Too Busy for a Good Old-Fashioned Cup of Coffee

Everybody enjoys a good cup of coffee every now and then, and we at the Rush team are no exception. Unlike in the case of other caffeinated foods and beverages, most people don’t just drink coffee for the extra energy boost, it’s part of an experience. There’s nothing quite like kicking back at the local café with the Sunday paper and enjoying your favourite latté or espresso. Unfortunately, as life seems to become busier and busier by the day, this scenario is just a fantasy, or at best a rare occurrence to most. In order to try and compensate, we are more commonly taking our coffee on the go with us, leading to a whole new world of problems ranging from stained shirts to bad breath.

The fact of the matter is that coffee is simply not meant to be enjoyed on the go. Whether you’re walking down a busy street or find yourself stuck in traffic during the morning commute, the event of a spill is all but inevitable. I can’t even begin to count the number shirts, important documents, and yes, even cell phones that I’ve lost to spilled coffee while walking, driving, or trying to work with a cluttered desk. What’s more, a cup of coffee requires you to balance it in your hand at all times, severely limiting the range of tasks you can perform while enjoying it. For those looking for a clean source of energy on the go, Rush Gum keeps your hands free, can’t spill, and is small enough to fit in your back pocket. What really makes coffee inconvenient for a busy lifestyle, though, is the time it takes to obtain it. In order to get yourself a quality cup of coffee, you’re going to have to either take the time to brew it yourself, or wait in a line just to pay more for what’s mostly water anyways. If your morning schedule is anywhere as hectic as mine, this is simply not an option. Rush Gum is non- perishable and ready to consume as soon as you are, saving you a little more time for what really matters.

The other problem I found with an early coffee is the amount of time it takes to kick in. Because the caffeine is absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract, it isn’t until just before lunch that you begin to feel the effects of your morning cup of joe. Rush Gum, on the other hand, is absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth, and takes just five to ten minutes before your fully energized, and ready to start your day.

The final major inconvenience I encountered trying to incorporate coffee into my busy lifestyle was its temperature. I would normally buy a coffee at the local shop on my way to school, and proceed to burn my hand to kingdom come carrying it to my first lecture, only to get there to find it to be too cold by the time I could sit down and enjoy it. With Rush Gum, I’m now able to muster up the energy I need to start my day, before I even leave the house. I do still enjoy a coffee every now and then, but only under the right circumstances. Although it is not quite confirmed how it’s inventors intended for us to enjoy it, something tells me it was not meant to be gulped down on your morning dash for the office, as so many of us do. Simply put, there is a time and place for a good old-fashioned cup of coffee. For everything else, there is Rush Gum.

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